Power of Ownership

Every member of ATLFCU is an owner of the credit union and ownership has its rewards. Are you taking advantage of all the money saving benefits available to you as an owner of ATLFCU? If you are, then you are contributing to your own financial health and helping ATLFCU to grow and prosper as well.

To enhance the value of membership we have developed a rewards program based on the premise that the more you use the products and services of the credit union, the more you and your credit union benefit.

The Power of Ownership Program provides recognition of your participation by awarding points to the number and value of services per account. The more services you use, the more points you receive.

The total points earned during a calendar month determine the reward level for the following month. If your monthly statement indicates that you are a Maximum Power member, then you will be eligible for Maximum Power benefits during the following month. While there is a possibility that you may fluctuate between levels, members with long term relatinships such as home equity or auto loans, checking, certificates, debit or credit cards will remain very stable.

How to Earn Power Points

Way to EarnPoints
Checking Account75
Additional Savings Accounts25
IRA or IRA Certificates50
Share Certificates50
Money Market Account50
Savings Balance $501-$1,00050
Savings Balance $1,001-$2,500100
Savings Balance $2,501 to $5,000150
Savings Balance > $5,000200
Any Negative Savings Balance-50
Home Equity Loan75
Any Other Loan25
Loan Balance < $5,00025
Loan Balance $5,001-$10,00050
Loan Balance $10,001-$25,000100
Loan Balance $25,001-$50,000150
Loan Balance > $50,000200
Delinquent Loan Balance-100
Active ATM Card25
Active Debit Card50
Credit Card50
Active Audio Response50
Active It's Me 24750
Active CU*EasyPay50
Direct Depost $250/mo25
Automatice Transfers Savings25
Automatic Transfers Loans10

Power Levels

LevelPoints Required
Power Plus50-199
High Power200-499
Maximum Power500+

What Does My Power Level Get Me?

Power PlusHigh PowerMaximum Power
5 free ATM transactions6 free ATM transactions6 free ATM transactions
$1.50 per transaction after 5$1.50 per transaction after 5$1.25 per transaction after 5
CU*EasyPay with 12 transactions is free!CU*EasyPay with 14 transactions is free!CU*EasyPay with 16 transactions is free!
60 Audio Response sessions and 60 logins to It's Me 24790 Audio Response sessions and 90 logins to It's Me 247120 Audio Response sessions and 120 logins to It's Me 247
Free overdraft transfers from savingsFree overdraft transfers from savingsFree overdraft transfers from savings
Free cashiers checks & $1.00 money orders.Free cashiers checks & money orders.
Free current month account printoutsFree current month account printouts

Are you in the Riders or Cruisers Club?

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