R3 Credit Builder Program

Do you feel like there’s never enough money? When you apply for a loan, are you worried you’ll be turned down? We want every member to be a financially confident and credit-worthy member. When you apply for a loan or debit card, we want to say “Yes!”


Have you been turned down for a loan? Are collectors calling? Do you know your credit is bad? Hold on…there is hope! As a member of ATL Federal Credit Union you have access to Accel, our free financial counseling and debt management service.

The experienced and caring counselors of Accel will meet with you and help you with a budget and a plan for getting back in control. They will explain your credit report and even help you work with your creditors.

Accel is the first phase in our R3 Program.


The second phase in our program is a guaranteed approved Credit Builder Loan.

With a plan from Accel, you’ll choose a goal that fits your budget. The loan proceeds are deposited to a special savings account. Timely payments will help strengthen your credit score, and once you’ve made all the payments, the savings account is yours!

You can continue to pay the savings, or use it for whatever purpose you designate: Christmas shopping, a vacation, even home improvements you’ve been putting off.


Phase 3 is another guaranteed approval for our Visa Prepaid Debit Card! Now you can swipe and sign your name anywhere you see the Visa logo! Load it in person or by phone. Check your balance and purchases online.

Use this debit card for internet shopping, vacations or send it with your student to college. It can be issued instantly at our office or you can request a personalized card with your name imprinted on it.

Our Visa Prepaid Debit Card is only $5 ($10 if personalized) and the first load is free. Subsequent loads are $2 for members and online access is free. Compare it to other cards and you’ll find it’s a great bargain.