Mastercard Debit

Looks like a credit card, works like a check, and it’s safer than cash. Save money when you swipe your card and say “Credit!” Use it with a PIN at more than 30,000 Co-op ATMs through the United States.

We are ready to test our new “chip” debit cards, and we are scheduled to go live on October 23rd.

What should you expect?
If your current card expires in November, you will be issued a new EMV card before the end of November. We plan to issue new cards to all remaining cardholders after that by the end of the year.

What should you do when you get your new card?
Once you receive your new EMV card, follow the instructions on the sticker to activate it. You can expect a PIN mailer to arrive shortly before or after your card. Keep this mailer for the life of your card. Not only does it contain the random PIN number assigned to your card, but it has a reference number and instructions on how to change the PIN to something more memorable. After activating your card and changing your PIN, you may destroy your old card.

We hope you will enjoy your safer, EMV-enabled “chip” card!